Immaculate Perception

There are many things that a meditation and yoga nidra practice will give to us. We read about these things on the regular! More mindfulness, more presence, less reactivity, more joy, more freedom, and a deeper sense of contentment. But how does it work? How do these processes of meditation and yoga nidra bring about these ways of being?

I call it immaculate perception. When we are in these deeper states of awareness we connect with the part of us that is unfettered by our busy minds. Have you noticed that when you close your eyes, almost instantaneously your mind goes crazy? Like, who is in there?! It’s a non-stop barrage of to-do lists, things you should have said or done, things you shouldn’t have said or done, a song that you cannot get out of your head, something you saw on Netflix, or maybe what you are going to eat for your next meal. And then, after a period of time, it settles a bit. Or maybe the part of you that realizes that you are watching and listening to all of these things becomes more clear and it’s as though you are removed from it enough to see it clearly. It rises and falls. You remain calm in the face of the busy-ness. And immaculate perception arises.

It is in this deeper state that you get real glimpses into who you are. The unchanging nature of your True Self. Who is watching all the thoughts? The ideas? The you that you were when you were five years old and the you that you are today is the SAME. Your ideas and experiences may be different, but the YOU that has been watching for all of these years is sustained.

Once you know, you can’t not know! (Sorry for the double negative, grammar peeps). The part of us that is perfect as is. That doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that everything is as it needs to be in this moment. There is nothing to change, nothing to shift, nothing to “better”, nothing to achieve or accomplish. In this clear perception, no part of you has failed, or fallen, or is ever unworthy or undeserving. Immaculate perception is the space where we can rest, knowing that there is nothing to add; everything that we need is already ours. When you are ready to make a change, it comes from this place of true awareness of the Self. It is not because you gave up, or settled; there is a calm knowing and you are able to act or rest from a space of true discernment and what will serve you best.

As if you needed another reason to establish a practice for yourself, here you go! Meditate or practice yoga nidra (or even better, do both!) Take time every day to see clearly; yes, I’ll say it again, immaculate perception. See it all, in all of its perfection, and notice how your relationship to yourself begins to shift. It is through this clarity of inner awareness and perception that we can become more aligned to the Self that we always were and were always meant to be.

In your best health and with love,