Ready for radical self acceptance?

Creating a life you're proud of requires starting at a place of self-love and acceptance. So that's exactly how we'll start out this 3 or 6-month program. From there, the process takes on a life of its own that is completely dependent on your unique needs and goals. We can look at how you feed yourself, how you move, what you do for a living, and how you navigate your relationships. This work will uncover the part of you that intuitively knows how to best care for yourself: mind, body and soul.



  • 3 or 6-months of 60 minute sessions / every other week

  • Bio-individual approach

  • Increased Intuitive Awareness

  • Accountability and Coaching

  • Personalized meditation and mindfulness techniques

  • Uncovering Greatest Resistance

  • Building Life of Intention


$75 per hour - first session free




Perspective, clarity & understanding.

"Her open-ended questioning is fantastic and allowed for the pauses and silence I needed to think and come to my own answers. She has no problem telling me to do it again. I got a perspective, clarity, the ability to understand myself in a more fine-tuned way."

— A.K.

Unique approach to seeing oneself.

"Betsy's unique approach to helping me see how the bricks had been set and why, allowed me to see that, just as Dorothy in Oz, “You’ve always had the power, my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

— D.M.

Comfortable with my discomfort.

"Betsy allowed me to get perfectly uncomfortable in my discomfort and then make some significant changes."

— L.K.